Global Warming Images
Evolution has caused all living things to become adapted to their particular environment. Most species will inhabit a particular geographical, temperature, height, or habitat range, with an immense amount of inter-connectivity and inter-dependence between them. Many species were already at risk pre global warming due to hunting, habitat degradation or destruction and introduction of alien species that out compete with indigenous ones. As the planet warms many species have to adapt, some will cope, and inevitably many will not and will become extinct. Modelling shows that with a two degree rise in the earth's average temperature around a third of all species on the planet would become extinct. We could reach an average two degrees warmer by as early as 2050. Already we are seeing the affects of these changes as animals try to adapt to a warming world. Many bird species are laying their eggs earlier than ever recorded, frogs are laying their spawn earlier, butterflies are emerging from hibernation earlier and trees are coming in to leaf earlier in the spring.