Global Warming Images
Coastal erosion is a gradual process that takes place over time, but as with all erosion the greatest changes are caused by the most severe events. The gentle lapping of waves at a cliff edge, over time will cause a small degree of weathering; however the ferocious winter storm that generates much larger waves will cause the greatest degree of erosion. The East coast of England has been eroding since Roman times. It is composed mainly of soft glacial deposits making it vulnerable to the eroding force of wave power. The rate of erosion has increased dramatically in recent times due to a greater incidence of stormy weather. As the planet warms the computer models predict that we will see an increase in both the number and ferocity of storms, leading to even more rapid coastal erosion. Already on some parts of the East coast of England the authorities are looking at managed retreat, whereby farmer√?¬?s fields are left to convert to salt marsh as the sea defences are taken down.