Global Warming Images
Due to Finland's northerly position on the planet it is heating more rapidly than areas closer to the equator. Average temperatures have already risen across Finland by 0.7 degrees celcius in the last century. New climate modeling predictions for Finland show an increase in temperature of between 2.4 - 7.4 degrees c by 2080, they also show a significant increase in precipitation. This will lead to Southern Finland becoming snow free and an increased risk of flooding. The tundra peatlands of Finland as well as containing vast quantities of carbon dioxide also contain huge amounts of methane, as the permafrost melts these are likely to be released in increasing quantities adding to global temperature rise significantly. Northern Finland or Lapland is synonymous with the Reindeer herding Sami people, they are likely to be increasingly adversely affected as conditions become less than ideal for Reindeer to survive in.